G-M STUDIO / Gerstmann-Malinowski Studio / the photographic studio working in the field of advertising photography. We work together since 1988 for agencies, monthly magazines, companies and individual clients. F.e.: Coca Cola, Bols, L'Oreal, Budimex, Toyota, B-A Tobacco,Kler,Dom Development.

We are members of Polish Union of Art Photography. We are running 2 photographic studios but we work on location as well. We work together with the best stylists.

Visit, please, our gallery. There is part of our exhibition called "The spacies of identity" /ZPAF Gallery, Warsaw 2004/

STUDIO 1 - 180 m2 Height - 3,70 m Full equipment - analog and digital Full social subsidiaries

STUDIO 2 - 270 square meters Height - 4,80 m Studio area - we may build decoration of any kind, studio is furnished with kitchen, dressing room and others. Studio has two levels - we may shoot from the top. Full social subsidiaries